Guidelines for Complaints

If you suspect a violation of the PR codes or DRPR guidelines, please fill out the online form or send us your complaint by letter, fax or mail. In order for the DRPR to be able to process your complaint, it must contain information about you as the complainant (name, address, possibly e-mail address), the facts of the complaint (including a reference), and the party concerned (the company/organization complained about). Furthermore, we ask you to name the violation(s) of the PR codes or the DRPR guidelines that you suspect.


We cannot process anonymous complaints. Of course, your data will be treated confidentially.Your complaint will be forwarded directly to the DRPR office. The chair of the DRPR examines the competence of the DRPR and, taking into account opinions of the members of the DRPR, generally decides on the admissibility of the complaint within one month of receipt.


If the complaint is inadmissible or if the DRPR is not responsible, you as the complainant will be informed of this promptly. If we declare ourselves responsible, we (usually the chair of the relevant complaints committee and its members) will investigate the facts of the case within a reasonable period of time, within the bounds of factual and legal possibilities. We may contact you again in the course of this process. After the research has been completed, a proposed decision will be presented, which will be voted on by all Council members. The decision, including a statement of reasons, will be sent to the person concerned and to you, as the complainant, forthwith and then published.


The complaint may take some time to process due to research and communication with other parties involved.


For more information on the complaint process, please refer to the complaint policy.