German PR Council

DRPR brochure
The DRPR brochure with the Communication Code and all DRPR guidelines is now available for download free of charge.



The DRPR is a voluntary self-regulatory body for PR professionals working in Germany. Its sponsors are:


the German Public Relations Association (die Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft e.V. ) (DPRG)

the Society of Public Relations Agencies  (die Gesellschaft Public Relations Agenturen e.V. ) (GPRA)

the Federal Association of Communicators  (der Bundesverband der Kommunikatoren) (BdKom)


The DRPR acts in responsibility towards the entire field of public communications. Its jurisdiction is therefore not bound to individuals or associations of the profession. It also deals with objectionable PR operations that were not initiated or caused by members of the sponsoring organizations and by non-professionals.With its mandate to penalize communicative misconduct towards the public, the PR Council is an institution comparable to the German Press Council and the German Advertising Council. It has been actively intervening in PR activities for around 10 years. Like the other councils, it issues public reprimands and warnings, issues behavioral guidelines and takes a stand on undesirable developments in public communication (annual report).


Its judgments are based on PR codes, conduct guidelines and the codes of the other communications professions. The PR Council acts in public as a matter of principle. All cases dealt with are published (ruling practice).



Due to the increased volume of complaint cases, the PR Council has established three complaint committees:


Policy Complaints Committee

Chair Thomas Zimmerling


Corporate and Market Complaints Committee 1

Chair Prof. Dr. Alexander Güttler


Corporate and Market Complaints Committee 2

Chair Dr. Kurt Hesse